Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Olivia Peterson


My name is Olivia Peterson, and I am a sophomore Middle School English Education major. I joined Sigma Kappa as a freshman and instantly felt like I was home. I was recently elected President of Sigma Kappa, and I'm so excited about this opportunity to grow.

Sophie Henderson

Vice President of Programming

My name is Sophie Henderson, and I am a Sophomore business management and leadership major. I am also the Vice President of Programming for Beta Nu! I am very excited to be a part of the executive counsel and can not wait to see the amazing things Sigma Kappa will accomplish this year!

Brier Barbeau

Vice President of New Member Education

My name is Brier Barbeau, and I am a Sophomore Health Science Major from Rockford, IL. I am the Vice President of New Member Education and my role is to help guide our new members through the process of becoming a member of Sigma Kappa and learning about everything our sisterhood has to offer. I joined Sigma Kappa because I truly felt a bond with all of the girls here, and I knew that they would always be by my side and hold my hand when I needed them most. Sigma Kappa has given me so many opportunities to become a better version of myself, and I am so excited to help our new members find their true potential by being a member of Sigma Kappa!

Natalie Schoeneck

Vice President of Membership

My name is Natalie Schoeneck, and I am from Coal City, IL. I am a sophomore early childhood education major at Bradley University. I am the Vice President of Membership for Beta Nu! In this position, I am in charge of recruitment and making sure everything runs smoothly. I lead work week and help the chapter to practice for recruitment in the spring. I chose Sigma Kappa because I really related to all of the values of Sigma Kappa and knew I would create amazing friendships in this chapter.

Christine McGowan

Vice President of Academic Excellence

My name is Christine McGowan, and I am an elementary education major with a theatre arts minor. I am the Vice President of Academic Excellence, so I help members to create study plans as well as plan academic events, such as the study day brunch. I chose Sigma Kappa because of the girls. Every girl in SK is so genuine, and I am so glad to be a part of this amazing group of girls.

Natalie Wallace

Vice President of Philanthropic Service

I am Natalie Wallace and my favorite hobby is going to country concerts! I am majoring in nursing. I currently hold the executive position of Vice President of Philanthropic Services! I chose SK because I felt an instant connection with the girls, and it felt like home!

Bridget Pelrine

Vice President of Finance

Hey! My name is Bridget Pelrine, and I’m a sophomore finance major. I’m the 2020 Vice President of Finance. Basically I deal with all things money in our chapter- budgets, dues, payments, all that fun stuff. I chose Sigma Kappa because I instantly connected with everyone I talked to and felt right at home. I’m so excited for this opportunity to work with an amazing exec board and to serve our chapter as a whole!

Lauren Bacon

Panhellenic Delegate

Hi there! My name is Lauren Bacon, and I am a sophomore Public Relations Major from Normal, IL. I am also the 2020 Panhellenic Delegate for Beta Nu! In my position, I act as the liaison between our chapter and the rest of the Panhellenic community. Along with attending weekly General Assembly meetings and coordinating events with other chapters, I strive to promote Greek unity on Bradley’s campus.

Erica Dice

Vice President of Standards and Values

Hey there! My name is Erica Dice, and I am a sophomore accounting major from New Lenox, IL. I am the Vice President of Standards and Values for Sigma Kappa Beta Nu! In my position, I am responsible for holding our members to the standards we have set in place and following the risk management policies we have for our chapter. I love Sigma Kappa so much, and I have felt like I belonged in this chapter ever since I ran home on bid day!

Hannah Netherwood

Vice President of Communications

I’m a sophomore photography major. My position is Vice President of Communications and Operations. For this position, I do quite a bit of behind the scenes work. Some of these things include keeping track of excuses and appeals for events. I also play a role in ritual events as well as parts of new member education. I chose Sigma Kappa because the values that this sorority holds resonate with my personal values like loyalty and personal growth and I know all of the members genuinely care about each other!